March 21, 2014 - Today's post comes from fellow Rogue Birder, Jacob Roalef. Jacob is a Kent State student spending time in the Porta...

RBS - The Eurasian Wigeon - By Jacob Roalef

March 21, 2014

- Today's post comes from fellow Rogue Birder, Jacob Roalef. Jacob is a Kent State student spending time in the Portage County area, but Dayton is where he calls home. We have been trying to figure out a nickname for him. After this discovery was made, "Wigeon" seemed like the right one... Though Jen Brumfield has suggested "The Fire". You can't tell from the photo in this post, but Jacob closely resembles a Eurasian Wigeon.

Eurasian Wigeon
 - Jacob Roalef

Monday night I saw an email from Ben Morrison on the Ohio bird listserv about a Eurasian Wigeon in Stark County. I checked to see how far that was from me, 35 minutes away so I set my alarm for 6:30 the next morning! I hit the road around 7:00 Tuesday morning and arrived at the spot right when the sun started rising. I knew I had to be in the right location because there was already another birded there with his scope out. I parked and get mine out too.

We spent about 10 minutes searching until he said, “found it!” I picked up my scope and ran over to where he was. He pointed towards the area where the bird was and I scanned for about 10 seconds then, “BAM! Found it!”

Jacob Roalef and Kent Miller
Photo Courtesy of Jon Cefus
This drake really pops with its orangey-red head. I turned and introduced myself to the man who relocated it and turned out to be none other than Kent Miller. We spent the next 20 minutes or so watching this beautiful bird and attempting to take pictures through our scopes. Later Jon Cefus and another birder (did not get his name) showed up to see this amazing duck. Once everyone was on it, we all tried to get a good picture of it. All of mine were terrible! I was trying to free hand digiscope with my iPhone and it wasn’t working too well. Luckily Jon and Kent were able to get some decent ones.

We spent the rest of the time making small talk and I explained that I am a Kent State student but am originally from Dayton. The other gentleman then asked, “Are you one of those Dayton guys that has been traveling all over the state?” To which I proudly responded, “Yes, yes I am one of those guys!” <Editor's Note: ROGUE BIRDERS!>

After that we all started heading out to begin our day after this amazing start. (It was only 8:30!). It was nice to finally meet Kent and to see Jon again. I look forward to our next meeting.

Bird on!!

Eurasian Wigeon - Sippo Lake State Park (Stark County)
Photo Courtesy of Jon Cefus

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