June 20, 2015 - Welcome to Birds and Brews.  I'll be the regular poster here, but I will not hesitate to have another Rogue post ...

Birds and Brews - Eudora Brewing - Dayton, OH

June 20, 2015 -

Welcome to Birds and Brews.  I'll be the regular poster here, but I will not hesitate to have another Rogue post from time to time due to work, vacations, hangovers, etc...  I feel its relevant to note that I'm a big fan of stouts, porters and pretty much anything Belgian.  But, I'll try almost anything once. So, grab a beer and enjoy!!

Eudora Brewing - Dayton, OH
Since the Rogue Birders hail from the Dayton area, it would be remiss of me to now start this new column without a mention of the thriving Dayton craft brew industry.  While I have been to a number of the new Dayton breweries, I will focus on Eudora Brewing (4761 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, OH 45440) this week.  You might not notice Eudora as you're driving by, but its well worth stopping in.  As this was my first time visiting Eudora Brewery, I felt it was my duty to try everything.  No, I'm not talking about getting 6 different samples of 3oz. each. I mean actually try everything.  But, rather than going into great detail on everything, mainly because I forget most of the details, I'll focus on my favorites.

The Thunderball Stout was my first choice.  It poured with a thick head and deep black in color.  My first taste gave hints of chocolate and coffee while retaining the smoothness of an oatmeal stout.  Lets just say that it didn't last very long.  If there hadn't been any other options, I would have been fine with drinking another two or five of the Thunderball.

After trying a number of other beers, I moved on to the Le Cheval Magique (Magic Horse) belgian strong ale.  My drinking associate told me that it was the best Belgian influenced beer he ever had outside of Belgium, so of course I had to try it.  After trying a sip or two, I concluded two things.  One, it was a really good Belgian styled beer, and two, I should probably stop drinking soon as I had now tried everything at Eudora.  At 8.9% alcohol and a slightly spicy taste, I felt the magic referenced in its name.

Orange-crowned Warbler
Not to forget about the birds, when you're in Dayton, stop by Eastwood Lake Metropark for some birding.  There are always interesting birds popping up on the lake such as a Pacific Loon a few years back and what seems like annual White-winged and Surf Scoters.  In addition, you may be lucky enough to spot one of Eastwood's resident Eastern Screech-owls.  On the lagoon side, I've seen everything from Orange-crowned Warblers to Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, given the correct season.

If you're in Dayton, stop by both Eudora Brewing and Eastwood Lake Metropark.  You will certainly not be disappointed.

Eastern Screech-Owl - Eastwood Lake MetroPark

-Dan Enders

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