Who are the Rogue Birders? Jacob, Alex, Tim, and Chris at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Bay Village, OH Christo...

The Rogue Birders

Who are the Rogue Birders?

Jacob, Alex, Tim, and Chris at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Bay Village, OH

Christopher Collins
Not sure if he gets the credit or the blame for having founded the Rogue Birders. When he isn't out shooting photos, Chris is usually sorting through other's pictures as the photo editor of the Ohio Ornithological Society's quarterly publication "The Ohio Cardinal". 

Jacob Roalef
Jacob is currently a student at Kent State University majoring in... something to do with nature or birds or something else this term. In 2014 he was the number one eBirder in Ohio with 310 species recorded in the state. Though he lives in Kent, “home” is in Kettering, Ohio. For 2015 Jacob is working on improving his ABA total. He started in Texas where he recorded 235 species in 10 days.

Alex Eberts
No longer our newest member, Alex STILL gets picked on a lot. But he hangs in there and fights through it. At home in Vinton County, Alex wanders the plains… woods?... where in the hell is Vinton County? Anyway, Alex is a great asset to the team – when he actually gets out of bed.

Tim Jasinski
Tim is our newest member, but has brought so much to the group. He has helped us find a focus for the team and provides amazing content for our followers. His work at the Lake Erie Nature& Science Center has earned him the "Excellence in Service" award from the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitator's Association. He needs a better favorite bird, though. Canada Goose? Really?
James Muller
James thought he was joining the Rouge Birders. Perhaps he likes the color red, or maybe digs makeup. An avid birder from Central Ohio, James has a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Criminal Justice from Ohio Dominican University. Somehow both of those subjects seem appropriate for a Rogue Birder.

Eric Elvert
As the father of a new baby girl, Eric doesn’t travel with the group as much as he used to. His efforts are focused on Montgomery County where he works and lives. A master of Stand & Scan, he has become highly respected in the area as a top birder and finder of good birds. Recorded 203 species in just Montgomery County alone in 2014. 

Alex “The Pope” Clark
An incredible photographer and birder. Always pushing the limits of what one should be willing to do to “get the shot”. Alex relocated to Hawaii so we do not get to see him as much – we miss him… right?

Greg “The Mooch” Sagasser
Greg is the heart of the group. His enthusiasm and “tell-it-like-it-is” attitude drives all of us to push harder. When he decided to become a responsible adult and get a full time job we lost a great set of eyes in the field. That’s about all we lost though, as Greg never pays for gas. He has become the group’s Command Center, keeping us updated on the latest sightings.

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